I’ve loved to write for as long as I can remember. My fascination was mostly fixed on how one word could change the course of the rest. My first thought when writing was that words needed to flow like water. A drop here, a drop there. Soon enough you have an ocean of words moving in invisible currents that pull your readers along. But sometimes that alluring flow wasn’t enough for me because all you catch in those soft currents are drifters. Like the salmon who swims upstream, I wanted my readers to push against my words. Entrepreneur-like-salmon-swimming-upstream-600x392

My next fascination was fixed on evoking a response from the world. I learned to write only when I felt something substantial. For example, I despise the agonizing goosebumps that accompany cold rain and I adore the serenity that slows my heartbeat under the warm sun. Those are real and deep and tangible.The emotions you feel the strongest are the ones you bury in hopes that they’ll shrivel up and die off. But alas, they fester and grow beneath the surface. I don’t trust easily but blogging has helped me scratch the surface. Angry blogging (“Angrogging” as I call it.) has been insanely therapeutic. It partially made me angrier that I couldn’t share every detail comfortably because that meant the readers weren’t getting the entire story. However, I realized the more I gave of myself and my mind, the more I received. Having readers is nice (everyone enjoys being heard), but I got a piece of calm reading over old emotion-filled posts and noting how I’ve grown from that point.


My goals for this upcoming summer are to blog much more often and to put emotion behind my words. I still consider myself a beginning blogger but I hope the bloggers who will come after me will write as if the words they type are being etched into their skin. Be proud of what you publish and please don’t write to suffice a quota because those words hold no weight. Weightless words are like a still pond, too small to flourish life and too gentle to be acknowledged. Create a waterfall and just you wait and see how much life you can touch.



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