“Our common enemy is radical, extremist Islam — not normal Islam”

The idea that nothing brings two people closer together than the hatred of a third person is visible in various circumstances, especially war. For example, Britain and France became allies during World War I after centuries of conflict because of Germany’s abrupt and threatening rise to power. Hate is a strong bonding material because hate is one of the deepest emotions a person can feel alongside fear. I can understand the argument that love is the greatest emotion but think about how much easier it is to hate. It’ll sound trivial in comparison to war but I presented two super villains as presidential candidates and had people choose a definitive side. Then I told each side that they’d have to work together or else the well-known dictator, Hitler, would gain control. The result was a union of the hypothetical parties against the third hated party.

the_killing_joke_by_fifinho5-d6tpq36In modern relevance, people who’d typically find argumentative differences in political stance or religion can agree we need to band together in order to save Israel from the equally despised “radical, extremist Islam”.

Law of Markets

It is not a war on terror. It is not a war for free speech. It is a war for the preservation of our western civilisation and modernity. This is Benjamin Natanyahu speaking in Paris:

“Our common enemy is radical, extremist Islam — not normal Islam,” Netanyahu said at the Grand Synagogue in Paris, after briefly joining other world leaders in a march against extremism through the capital that drew up to 1.6 million people, according to AFP. . . .

“Although the various factions of Islamic extremism are involved in their own local bloody conflicts, including among themselves, they are all driven from the same ambition: to impose a dark despotic regime on the world, to take humanity a thousand years backward. They trample anyone who does not share their beliefs, and at the top of the list are their fellow Muslims, but their greatest hatred is reserved…

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