An ad has gone viral after demonstrating just how amazing the bond between mothers and their children can be. There are many stages between parents and their kids. First, you’re a brand new creature trying to figure what these much bigger things are doing and why they are kissing you and smiling at you and talking in oddly amusing voices. Then, you start remembering them as Mom and Dad, the people who give you food and keep you warm. The velcro stage is the stage of knowing exactly how much Mom and Dad care about you and never wanting to let them go for fear of losing that love. If Mom is going to the living room, you’re hot on her heels. If Dad has to pee, you agree to guard the door. (God forbid he should leave without your knowledge.) There can be tantrums and cries but you return to them like a rubber band snapping into place because your bond reminds you of their comfort.


My first memory is of my mother. I distinctly remember the house was arranged differently and everything was much taller than me so I’m guessing I was three years old. My exact memory is waking up to silence, sliding off my stuffed animal covered bed, stumbling down the dimly lit hallway and into a surprisingly bright dining room. I’m scratching my head while evaluating my surroundings until my eyes fix on a familiar silhouette. A lady swivels around in her desk chair to smile at me, I look up at her asking “Mommy?”. The flashback always ends right there for me. I don’t know what came next or before or at what age I became aware of myself again. However, that’s irrelevant. Just like the kids in the advertisement, my goal was to find my mom and I succeeded.

As we get older, our bonds can get hit with a little wear and tear which affect our maternal relationship goals. The last time I crawled out of bed and walked that same path like a zombie to find my mom was to ask for food. Not only had my objective changed but I also lost all recollection of my journey down the hallway. Our maternal bonds are tested with age. Through experience I believe the biggest obstacle is that we see too much and don’t feel enough. We’ve taken our blindfolds off our eyes and blinded our hearts instead.


One thought on “Blinded

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    Mother’s and their kids have a strong bond. This blog shows a touching video that warms the hearts of others. I just wanted to also add that parents really do care for you. They sometimes may not seem like they understand or love you, but that is not true. If they do not love you they would have gotten rid of you since the start.


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