Lone Vader

Sexist stereotypes are engraved in our minds at a young age. Girls don’t touch Hot Wheels—unless it’s the seasonal Barbie edition. And boys never play with Barbies—even the oh-so-masculine Ken doll is  unacceptable. Sexism is so deeply rooted in society that fast food chains and huge corporations have different advertisements for each sex. Boys can find a miniature ninja action figure with their happy meal and girls can’t wait to try their new lip gloss after they eat their 100-calorie salads. Ummm, BLEH!

The minds of the youth are being polluted without hesitation. No one directly says that superheroes are solely for boys but girls get sideways glances when in comic book stores. Trust me! I know first hand. During weekly trips to our local comic book store with my dad, I noticed the confused looks. Workers wouldn’t try to sell me comic books and action figures. Instead, I’d be their target audience for stuffed animals, candy, and some sort of trinket jewelry. Little did those judge-a-book-by-its-cover salesmen realize is that I’d go home with my new gothic trinket jewelry and marathon X-Men on VHS. SURPRISE!


I have two older sisters but I prefer my brother’s interests.

The first time I binge watched all six episodes of Star Wars was one of the best days of my life. Nearly thirteen hours of pure bliss. I absolutely adore Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and by coincident Natalie Portman (who portrays Padmé) and I share a birthday! On record, I would like that to be further proof that Anakin and I belong together.

I could drone on and on about how much I adore Star Wars but what I want to expose is the teasing that young girls currently have to handle because they like Star Wars. When Katie Goldman was in the first grade, she was bullied to the point of not wanting to take her Star Wars water bottle to school. Katie got some galactic support and now is reaching out to another young girl named Allison who was recently physically abused after bullies decided Star Wars lunch bags aren’t for girls. Four years ago, the 501st Legion constructed a personal Stormtrooper suit for Katie, who passed it down to Allison and who will hopefully continue the tradition. To be completely honest, I’m pretty bummed I’m not seven years old anymore because I’m ineligible for the armor now.


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