We Are The End

Our treatment of others isn’t the means to an end. It is the end. We spend our lives forging relationships.IMG_7708

Everyone is trying to get somewhere. For some people, their end to a relationship is sex. For others, it is a marriage that leads to kids and so on. Friendships have their benefits like more friends and better treatment. Connections are made and branches formed to help people reach more people. All of our connections are like rungs on a ladder. One rung helping you to the next. Stepping on the one below…

How sad is this way of living? Does that person really only have one purpose to you? And once you tap into that singular skill, you believe they can’t offer you more?
This “more” I am speaking of doesn’t concern favors or connections. The “more” I am referring to are the conversations and common interests people get to share. My mom has engraved “Treat people how you wish to be treated” in her children’s brains.
Cynical analysis of your life will bring to light how many people or institutions you are involved with who look at you as a means to an end. A school will put effort into a child so they score high on standardize test and that school can bask in the glory of producing scholars. Coaches will push team members to your peak and claim you as their athlete when colleges and professionals come knocking. Even parents want to acquire bragging rights over your aunts and uncles.
But reflect on any of these circumstances you could be in and think of how you would treat each other if the tables were turned. No one deserves to be used or taken for granted.


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