Reproductive Right

I am Catholic and I’m not against abortion. I’m against unjustified abortion. If the baby has a chance in this world, give it to them. But what chance does a child have if they are raised in hatred or malnourished or by unfit parents? That child would only know suffering and I’d feel more guilty about putting my flesh and blood through that torture than having an abortion.

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My religious teacher says there are absolutely no exceptions for abortion. She once said that even pregnancy by rape shouldn’t be aborted. Immediately the trauma of having the baby of a rapist came rushing into my head as if I were forced into that situation. First off, for nine painstaking months a child who is genetically half my torturer is growing and manifesting inside of meSecondly, the actual birth of this baby would hurt just as badly if not more than the rape itself. Labor would be reliving the rape and I can’t think of a soul who could handle that. Finally, raising this child without animosity towards him or her would be difficult. On the other hand, having a baby to care for could be therapeutic or that child could be a constant reminder of what I endured. It isn’t fair to punish the baby for a crime they had no part of but it also isn’t fair to punish the victim.

Teen pregnancy is common and abortions follow suit for about a quarter of these pregnancies. The abortion could be the idea of many different people in the teen’s life. Some could be afraid of the judgement, others are scared of being disowned, or unsupported. I don’t believe abortion is an option for people who are well off and capable of raising a child. But there are plenty of people who just aren’t in the right place in their lives for a child. Parents struggling to feed and raise their own children now have to take care of their grandchild. Knowingly bringing a baby into a world they can’t thrive in is unnecessary pain for the child.

Many say adoption is a great option but if you’re going to take that route, then look for and interview people who want a child. There are plenty of good people incapable of reproducing. Just turning your baby over to the state isn’t right. The Foster Care System is extremely flawed. Parents hired by the system are regularly paid for every child they take in, so who’s to say that they actually care for these children. Plenty of Foster kids run away, get caught up in drug abuse, or have early pregnancies. It’s a never ending cycle!

I exclaimed my religion earlier because I want people to know that not all religious people have pro-life extremist views. Also, I want no confusion as to who this is coming from. I am female, Catholic and willing to listen to all circumstances.


One thought on “Reproductive Right

  1. Thank you for this post!! My pet peeve is people assuming because I am pro-choice I am pro-abortion. I believe I don’t have the right to choose for another because I’ve never walked in their shoes.

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