The Freedom of Wings

Everyone had their own set of wings and it was magical. When you were young and invincible with little to no boundaries and no one really judged you for it. Sure, adults might look back at your nativity and remark about your quirks but at the time it was A-OK!

At what age do people stop all of their carefree tendencies? Not only do they doubt they can fly, but they tell others they can’t either. (It’s never intended to crush the dreams of a wing-seeker. It’s just logic that people don’t have wings.) They become afraid of doing almost anything and build boarders to protect themselves from any judgement they might get. – And man can those critiques can pour down hard. – Those adults once disregarded are now your oppressive peers and it’s not A-OK.

The typical belief is that people lose their whimsical attitude once they gain responsibility of more than their happiness. My story begins with Rachael. She’s 10 years old.


Just like many modern children around the world, Rachael carries the burden of her broken family with her. Contradictory to the belief that the youngest get the most attention as the babies, she’s the youngest of three kids and is often overlooked. Her parents aren’t divorced and her siblings haven’t runaway but her family is in pieces and she doesn’t know where she fits.

Years ago, her father lost his job and years before that he began drinking. She doesn’t remember a father who wasn’t drunk or hungover. Her mother is a real saint but also works to save her family from an abyss of debt and that work is time lost with her kids. Rachael’s closest sibling in age is eight years ahead of her and all of her siblings are off at college or starting families. With everyone gone it feels as though she’s taking care of herself. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you know people who grew up in the same situation or are a part of a family like this? Whether they are the alcoholic father, workaholic mother, the siblings who got out as soon as they could, or our little Rachael, everyone involved is in pain. Tortured by the life they brought upon themselves or were born into.

I hate this new social norm. I hate how people treat children as if they know nothing when some children have more life experience in their ten years than those in their thirties. Adults want to blame society’s decline on hooligan children because they’re scared of taking responsibility themselves. After all, they are the ones who raised us.


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