Childhood Has No End

At a young age, the world expects us to be silly and dream big. We get to the next stage in our lives and the expectations become maturity and thinking realistically. When adulthood hits you like a bus – which some people consider to be at 18 years old – you are either completely put together or labelled a child. You think that centuries after the age of reason we would be a more understand race…

How is that fair to raise us to shoot for the stars our stars, then do a 180 and program our personal spaceships for society’s route? What if I wanted to navigate that meteor shower?

I may still be a teenager but I never considered myself to have much of a childhood. I’ve always thought that that would just be one aspect of my life I would have to live through my future children. However, thinking about the adults in my life and the ones I have encountered, I realized childhood doesn’t have a set age restraint.

You know what else doesn’t have an age restraint? Rain. A two-year-old could be hypnotized by the magical water falling from the heavens. A teenager could look out the window at a rainy day and imagine that perfect love seen from her favorite romantic movie. Some adults may see a driving danger but those who still live in their childhood could find a peace in the pitter-patter enveloping them.

Being the hardcore sunny day enthusiast I am, rain doesn’t exactly suit me but I can appreciate the tranquility it brings. When I picture rain, all I think of is a literal black and white world. However, combined with the idea of an endless childhood, that black and white image gets splattered with color. I started imagining a world where raindrops come in different colors and as you become part the natural chaos, you begin to show color too.


Random dreams and stories are a part of the expectations in our young lives. Although, I believe random dreams and stories are also a part of the luxuries in our everlasting childhoods. This little silly idea helped me see that my childhood isn’t over. I like the sound of that.


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