Hello my name is…

On top of the average catty drama, substance abuse or even more life changing events like pregnancy are part of the daily high school life. More often than not, I have personally met people I’d never guess were in these situations. These things happen in the lives of many different types of people. Some of these people are extremely kind, open-minded, and accepting.


A mistake is a moment, not a lifetime. 

There are plenty of people I know and interact with everyday who smoke or partake in underage drinking or experimentation with whatever drugs they somehow find. These people are also AP/honor students, contributors to the community, avid church-goers, and amazing friends. I’m not gonna lie, when I see my friends, their extra “activities” definitely cross my mind but just as quickly I think of them as who they are.

The other day a friend (who is “straight-edge”) messaged me about a girl who went to his middle school and is now pregnant. This girl was also in one of my classes last year but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to know her personally. I did notice that she is polite, highly regarded among her friends, and seems very nice. Do you think that any of her good qualities have suddenly vanished because of her mistake? My friend did. He spoke about her positives in the past tense. “Yeah, she used to be cool” or “She was nice”. I asked why he spoke in those terms and he said didn’t really think about it, that was just his reflexive response.

I’m not trying to promote or justify drug abuse and teen pregnancy, it just angers me that once a person makes a mistake, society judges them based off only that factor and disregards all good they have.


Society labels everyone but your true identity is completely controlled by you.


4 thoughts on “Hello my name is…

  1. There are educators everywhere preaching this idea about a digital footprint or digital tattoo. The notion that a mistake online can haunt you for life. I think this post addresses that concern quite nicely. Only someone without forgiveness would hold a mistake made in childhood against someone forever.


  2. Have you read THE PREGNANCY PROJECT? It’s a true story about a high school junior who decided to pretend she was pregnant – to see how others would react. GREAT story and how true… One mistake/action can totally change how others look at you and treat you. It shouldn’t be that way. My question is – How do we change that?? Your post is one way. Keep writing!

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    • I know the story, but I haven’t gotten to read it for myself.
      For as far as changing society, I think people have to be continuously reminded of each others virtuous qualities. It’s sad to think that people have to perform some extreme act of kindness to counteract a little mistake and prove their worth to the people around them. However, that’s the world we live in.
      My hope is that one day society can redeem itself through acceptance and understanding. Thank you so much for the writing motivation!!


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